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  1. Home-made Mini Cartoon Mooncakes

    Monday, 5 September 2011

    Hi dear, we are open for pre-order from 05/09 - 09/09
    Please drop us your email or sms to us if you are want to make order.
    We will try to arrange the C.O.D place for you.
    It's Limited, don't miss out ya! =)

    有意者可以email 或 sms给我们,然后我们可以尽量为您们安排拿月饼的地点。

     RM5 per piece 
    Baked Mooncakes
    Mold choices : Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, Garfield 


    RM3 per piece
    RM10 for 4 pieces 
    Snowy Mooncakes
    Mold choices : Rabbit, Bear, Fish, Car