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  1. Terms & Conditions

    1. Serious buyers only and prices are fixed and negotiable.

    2. All clothes sold are brand new and in good contitions.

    3. Please refer to the measurement or size of the stock carefully.

    4. All the photos are taken from the actual pieces but colors of the stock may slightly differ with the photos shown due to different monitors project different colors.

    5. Strictly NO exchangeable, refunds and cancellations allowed.

    6. We will not be liable for any damage or losses occured during delivery.


    1. 认真买家而已,所有价格已固定。

    2. 我们所出售的衣物都是全新的。

    3. 下单前,请参阅所有商品的尺寸。

    4. 您们所见的照片都是商品的实照,但由于不同的电脑显示器因不同的设置而产生不同的色调,所以你收到的商品颜色也许会有少许不一样。

    5. 一旦付了全款,更换、退货和退款是不被允许的哦!

    6. 若商品是在邮寄过程中损坏或遗失一律不负责和赔偿。